When the 'ki' of the meridians of the body is not flowing freely, often there is physical discomfort, ranging from mild to severe pain, as well as emotional or mental imbalance. Shiatsu treatments work to align the meridians, and cause the 'ki' to flow freely and evenly, improving circulation, detoxification and the distribution of nutrients around the body on a physical level, as well as clearing, calming and grounding the mind and emotions.

Liz has treated clients with Shiatsu for a wide range of health problems including all kinds of aches and pains, insomnia, digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems, chronic fatigue, as well as many kinds of emotional and mental problems - anxiety, panic, stress, tension and so on.

Often complete relief is found after one Shiatsu treatment, or a course of treatments may be necessary depending on the cause and length of time the symptoms have been present.


To find out how Shiatsu could help you, call/text or email Liz for an initial chat:

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