Shiatsu facilitates deep relaxation and can address the many issues which may arise during pregnancy. Shiatsu can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Given by a professionally trained practitioner it is safe and non-invasive. The recipient remains fully clothed during treatments. Specific meridians are worked on to ease discomfort and support the processes and changes which occur during pregnancy.

Induction, Labour and Birth

Liz gives induction treatments to help naturally and gently to induce the baby when the due date has arrived and the baby is ready to be born. During labour Liz is happy to give Shiatsu to support the mother, and help her through the birthing process.

Birth Preparation Sessions

Liz also gives Birth Preparation sessions for couples leading up to the birth. These sessions are great for getting partners more involved in the birthing process and preparing for labour. Liz explains procedures and teaches partners some Shiatsu techniques that they can use to support the mother during labour and the birth.


Liz also runs Baby Shiatsu sessions showing mums how they can give Shiatsu to their babies. Baby Shiatsu is a great way of supporting new babies through initial difficulties and supporting their health and development, as well as being great fun to learn in a small group of up to five mums and babies.

To make an appointment or for an initial chat about how Shiatsu could help you, please call, text or email Liz:    07747 633577                          0117 373 2224                           shiatsu@lizgodfrey.co.uk