Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

In these treatments Liz works the shoulders neck and face with a natural massage balm hich naturally moisturises and heals the skin. The treatments combins the enlivening and uplifting effects of massage with the deeply relaxing effects of acupressure. In Oriental Medicine different areas of our face indicates the health of particular organs. The combined use of these techniques will enhance blood flow, body fluids and 'ki' to and from the facial tissues. It energises and encourages healthy cell growth and causes the facial tissues to plump up and lift from the inside giving a natural and non-surgical face-lift. It will also aid the healing process of damaged skin or scarring and benefit many skin conditions. Increased tone in facial muscles will help to decrease sagging. Underlying fascia will move freely giving a healthier, fresher skin and a more radiant complexion.

Benefits of Japanese Facial Rejuvenation:

- Lifts and tones facial and neck muscles
- Nourishes facial tissues and muscles
- Removes toxins from cells and muscles
- Improves blood and lymph circulation
- Assists breakdown of fibrous adhesions and scar tissue
- Improves some skin conditions
- Relaxes muscle tension and maximises skin elasticity
- Reduces onset and appearance of wrinkles
- Brings life force to facial tissues

Treatment also relaxes the shoulders neck and whole body



To find out how you could benefit from Japanese Facial Rejuvenation treratments, call/text or email Liz for an initial chat:

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