On-site Shiatsu can be tailored to the needs of your workplace or other social group. Talk to Liz about how this can be arranged.

Having regular on-site treatments in this way can be of huge benefit to office staff and others who are sitting in front of computers for several hours a day. Treatments can unwind and release tension in the shoulders, neck and back, and give one a sense of combined relaxation and clarity to help cope with the stresses and strains of office-based working life.

Using a portable massage chair with the client fully clothed, on-site Shiatsu can take place in any workplace or group environment. A 15-30 minute treatment leaves the client feeling relaxed and calm, yet energised and alert. On-site Shiatsu treatments can have many benefits including:

improves workplace health & well-being

· raises health awareness

· boosts morale & motivation

· recognises & rewards staff

· creates a positive impact on absenteeism

· improves staff performance & productivity


To find out howOn-Site Shiatsu could help you and your employees/work colleagues call/text or email Liz for an initial chat:

    07747 633577             0117 373 2224              shiatsu@lizgodfrey.co.uk