Shiatsu can release long-held chronic imbalances, and changes may be experienced during and shortly after the treatment. 

The practitioner works with the ‘ki’ of the recipient, applying gentle pressure along the meridians, providing support where appropriate, stretching and mobilising areas of tension and stiffness, and moving congestion and blocked energy. This energises and realigns the whole body and harmonises the mind.


A Shiatsu treatment takes about an hour or a little longer when including an initial consultation. It is preferable for the recipient to take time out afterwards to rest and assimilate the treatment.

During a treatment the client remains fully clothed, and normally lies on a futon on the floor. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and dress warmly, as the body may cool down during the treatment, and wear or bring socks.


On-Site Shiatsu is a great way to help people working at desks for long hours stay relaxed alert and comfortable. Your workplace members could recieve regular Seated Shiatsu treatments to benefit their performance and mood. Why not ask Liz to come along to your offices to give a demo of how Seated Shiatsu can help?

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